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Masaje con Aromaterapia

Massage Menu

Discover our Massage Menu, designed to satisfy the different needs you might have. You have three options to enjoy one of our massages:

  • Online Booking: just choose the desired option

  • Phone appointment: (+34) 658 188 551

  • Gift Voucher: If you prefer to gift a massage, you have the option of buying a Gift Voucher, that you could print or send to the lucky person.

All the products used are 100% natural, to help boosting the benefits of the massage. The massage oils are personalized at the moment, depending on the needs of each person, using aromatherapy. We have a wide variety of essential oils to obtain the appropriate blend. Do not hesitate to consult in case of allergy or doubts.


Relaxing Massage

  • Pressure type: Medium

  • Full Body massage

  • Description: The Relaxing Massage is a manual method destined to improve the well-being of the person, applying soft and harmonious movements, without brusqueness, but firm ath the same time.


The main intention of this massage is to relieve day-to-day tensions and fight stress and anxiety. All body is worked to obtain a deep relaxation of body, mind and soul.

     - Duration: 1 Hour                 - Price: 55€

    - Duration: 1 Hour 30 Min    - Price: 80€​

   - Duration: 2 Hours               - Price: 100€

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Pressure type: Hard

  • Body areas worked: Tense areas

  • Description: The Deep Tissue Massage is a manual tehnique where a strong pressure is applied, in order to relax, stimulate and balance the tense areas. Facilitates the return to the body´s natural elasticity.

    - Duration: 1 Hour                 - Price: 55€

    - Duration: 1 Hour 30 Min    - Price: 80€

Masaje de espalda
Image by Conscious Design

Californian Massage

  • Pressure type: Soft

  • Full Body massage

  • Description: The Californian Massage is an anti-strees massage where Oriental and Occidental techniques are integrated, by means of a conscious touch, deep breathing and presence. The result is a sensual and sensorial massage, made principally with hands, elbows and forearms and using a big amount of hot oil, in order to facilitate the fluency and warmth of the touch.

Is a soft pressure massage, with slow, sweet and ample passes, so that the person connects with the body and gets the sensation of entirety, peace and deep relaxation.

    - Duration: 1 Hour 30 Min    - Price: 80€

    - Duration: 2 Hours               - Price: 100€

Private Couple Massage Workshop

Strengthens the union and complicity with that special person in an exclusive and cozy environment. You will both receive and give the massage mutually guided by a masseur. You will learn to work the different parts of the body receiving notions of different types of massage.
The dimension of caresses is essential for the intimacy of a relationship. It allows you to share tenderness and discover the bodies, developing sensuality. This course will allow you to know the simple gestures that please and the attentions that relax and calm. Get rid off anxiety, tensions and let yourselves to each other. You will discover the way to express the feelings that you profess each other through the contact of your hands. Thanks to this interaction, you will find pleasure with your own body and with your partner´s. You will strengthen your confidence and recover together the feeling of sharing.
With your partner, a friend, a relative or with whom you want, learn to feel good, relaxed forget about the rest of the world with this massage workshop, ideal to strengthen ties between you. Couples can be male and female or of the same gender.
The workshop can be done during our working hurs, requesting an appointment in advance.
The price is per couple (not per pertson), and includes all the necesary materials.

    - Duration: 3 Hours    - Price: 165 €

Image by Robert V. Ruggiero
Manos amigas

4 Hands Massage

  • Pressure type: To be decided

  • Full Body massage

  • Description: Enjoy a massage made by two  massage therapists simultaneously, achieving the perfect harmony between body and mind. Choose the pressure, light, medium or strong, depending on your needs and mood. The result is a greater benefit as the mind finds more easily the ability to enter a deeply relaxing and meditative state.

  • Especially recommended for highly stressed people who need to relax, without being able to follow the stimuli made in different parts of the body at the same time and with different rhythm and pressure.

    - Duration: 1 Hour                 - Price: 110€

Voucher for 5 or 10 hours of Massage

Give a Massage Voucher, to enjoy our entire massage menu. You can choose between:

- Relaxing Massage

- Deep Tissue Massage

- Californian Massage


And also choose the duration of the massage depending on the Voucher chosen. The ssessions can be 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 2 hours long, until the total hours purchased in the Voucher are met.


There are two options:

- 5 hours Voucher: €250 (save €25)

- 10 hours Voucher: €495 (save €55)

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